About Me ...

'Pompous Hot Shots!' a popular belief amongst people about Consultants. Talk to me and you will disagree straightaway.


I am a people person. I understand people. Therefore, I can advise on the best ways to engage with and get the best results from the team.


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. So let's be straightforward and cover the distance fast.


I'll go first...

a) I love the chase of problem solving, so I actually thrive under the pressure

b) I get a kick out of hitting a deadline, so if you're in a fix, I'll GET IT DONE

c) I use WhatsApp & Instagram but I still believe in old fashioned Service and Values 

d) Cafeteria Fish n' Chips are NEVER good!

Hi, I'm Essar. 30 years of immersion in to the business world has enlightened me towards the following:

My Confidence Comes From:


Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (Brunel University) BEng

Executive MBA (Lancaster Management School) MBA

Project Management Professional (Association for Project Management) PMP 

Chartered Manager (Chartered Management Institute) CMgr



My Experience Comes From: 


Delivery of projects for privately owned businesses, through to multi-million-pound Military Aircraft Programmes with large international companies.


Working with the likes of; BAE SYSTEMS, Rolls-Royce, Finmeccanica, Rockwell Collins and Airbus to name a few. 

My Expertise Comes From:   

The ability to deliver results working across all levels within an organisation, within multi-cultural, multi-disciplined teams. In fast-paced, high-tech, highly complex environments.


Solving the problems that have been ignored and deemed to be too difficult to fix.


This is what  eCubed Consulting  is all about; dealing with people to achieve a specific result, within a specified time-frame, utilising available resources, to make a profit. By hiring and engaging with me and my team you will have access to deeper levels of expertise, insights and multiple industry experiences while being in total control of your expenditure on our services.

Essar Essa


Chief Executive Officer

eCubed Consulting Ltd